Home Sweet Home :)

So, for shits and giggles I decided to change scenery for a while and swapped this:

Yorkeys Knob

For this:

HoganasYes. That is a beach. That people actually go to when they say “I’m spending this beautiful day on the beach”.Β  Yes, that is indeed algae and mud, the rest of its moist yucky “sand”.Β  And the place was absolutely crammed with breeders, left, right and middle. Shivering in the dirty water crawling after their precious rug rats, talking with baby voices and holdingΒ  rather imbecile conversations about spades and why you do not eat cookies that have been buried in the mud. Think my ovaries self destroyed themselves right there.

Anyway, the rest of the stay was great and I got to meet some lovely people and see bit of the beautiful south Sweden that is Helsingborg and Ystad as well as a day in Denmark. Red sausages galore, I tell you. Goes sweetly with a beer πŸ™‚

Not everyday was a lovely day for random sauntering around the town tho…

IMG_9200 (Medium) IMG_9222 (Medium) IMG_9235 (Medium) IMG_9363 (Medium) IMG_9364 (Medium) IMG_9381 (Medium) IMG_9394 (Medium)

Hang out with these:

Passe the cat

And found boxes of my old toys at my folks place πŸ™‚

Barbie ponies!

But it is very nice to be back home… Despite the raging cold I managed to get. Some awesome tropical winter weather here, hot hot hot! Lovely ride today, was nice to see my ponies again πŸ™‚

Mo Mo

Horsing around

Jenny and Bubs Barry Barry Bubs and Ali Bubs Bazmeister Greg Cook Clinic2 Greg Cook Clinic Dynamo Barry and Dynamo

Dili, East Timor

Beach Road IMG_7600 (Medium) Santa Cruz cemetery Beach front IMG_8016 (Medium) IMG_8065 (Medium) IMG_8312 (Medium) IMG_8342 (Medium) IMG_8355 (Medium) The Pope Statue Dinner @ Casa Lisa and Jane IMG_8691 (Medium) Road kill for dinner? Polica tanks Beach side markets HPOD floods... Dili Markets Timorese lady HPOD The animal welfare lacks a bit...

Christmas times in Cairns

The Reindeer Mobile Hot day for the ponies Unimpressed Barry is unimpressed Sweaty hoofsChecking for crocs Christmas is mango time! Tigs enjoys the hot days Cooling down by flashing people Tigs Lussekatter! Mmmm mangosar!Porkkanalaatikko Jul i Cairns The Lagoon (Esplanade) Svensk julfest! Manga svenskar dok upp for julmat Swedish Xmas party! Mmmm knack! Svensk Julfest


Old photos of Juuso <3

So not the best pics of this kitteh, but how cute is he???? Cute overload.

Gross update

Home which is really awesome… Couldn’t put up with the old ladys “Oh dear me” x15 every minute any longer. Nor was the old senile gentleman’s habit of having loud goopy and stinky doo doo in his bed pan while I was having breakfast too delightful.Β  Foot is bit swollen and kept elevated, pain is under control with a cocktail of pills. Good stuff. Stitches out in 7 days, no weight bearing or driving for the next 2 months… Hopefully I get out of the cast and into a moonboot at least!


So ladies and gentlemen, what was todays lesson? Always have newly waxed legs in case you break on of them. Otherwise you’ll look like a warewolf at your next appointment with the salon….

Scary three-legged human :)

So We Drove 6 Hours to Look at a New Horse…

and this is what we came home with.



Horses of Courses

We spent a couple of hours watching some friends having fun at a local competition.Β  Go Oakey!Β  πŸ˜€

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Holiday in Malaysia, Perhentian :)

Lots of sun, lots of snorkeling, some diving and all relaxing!

So we went to the UkeFest in Cairns…


Breathing under water!

So the diving course is booked… Next two weekends I’m going to learn how to breath under water without freaking out. Kinda last minute since we fly out to Malaysia in i months time for our very first diving holiday πŸ™‚